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Kachumber is a simple, fresh salad containing chopped onions, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, pomegranate seeds, mint leaves, coriander, salt pepper, and lemon. Just a few ingredients make a tasty, healthy salad. However, not everything has to be complicated. Ingredients Method Cut all the ingredients into small pieces. Add all the spices and squeeze lemon on top.…


I met Dalah in 2018 when I went to volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park. I went to volunteer as part of my passion for doing something for the plight of Elephant abuse. I am also guilty of playing a role in the entertainment industries which abuse animals. When I went to Sri Lanka with…

Aloo Paratha (Potato Stuffed Paratha)

Once you have mastered the basic chapati making, there are endless versions you can experiment with. Stuffed parathas are a great way to have a meal in one. It can be eaten on its own, with pickles or yoghurt. It can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Stuffed parathas can also be made with…

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